9th International Conference on Cyber Engagement (ICCE)

A CSPRI Multidisciplinary Initiative

International Conference on Cyber Engagement


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The 9th International Conference on Cyber Engagement (ICCE) originally planned for September 10-11, 2020 has been postponed to 2021 (date to be determined). the event will be held at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Corporate and government leaders from around the world meet with policymakers and academics to explore the worldwide community’s increasing interconnectivity and the problems and opportunities this brings.

Drawing on the experience of government practitioners, industry representatives, and academic scholars, this annual event brings a multidisciplinary and global approach to the challenges in cyberspace from technical, corporate, legal, and policy perspectives of the international community. In 2019, ICCE attracted over 900 participants from nearly 400 organizations – corporate, government, non-profit, and academic – representing 61 nations. The conference will cover topics such as cyber diplomacy and law enforcement, regional perspectives on cyber, cyber warfare, geopolitics of 5G, the implications of artificial intelligence, privacy, supply chain security, and political disinformation and election security.

See the conference website https://www.cyberengagement.org/ for program details and registration (which is free for academics and government employees).