Closing the Gap: DoD Conference on Re-Entry for Women Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers

A One-Day Virtual Conference - May 25, 2021

November 04, 2020

Closing the Gap Conference: Women Vets' Re-Entry into Cybersecurity Careers

Date of Virtual Conference: May 25, 2021

Through a DoD grant awarded to The George Washington University Centers for Cyber Security and Privacy Research (CSPRI) and Women in Engineering (WiE), a virtual conference is being designed to help women veterans enter the cybersecurity workforce. The conference package will include:

A pre-Conference Briefing Book/Digital Notebook

A one-day virtual Conference, to be held May 25, 2021

A post-Conference Summary and resources

Opportunities for attendees to provide resources and suggestions

Closing the Gap: A DoD conference on Re-entry for Women Veterans into Cybersecurity Careers addresses the crucial need to fill the exponentially growing cybersecurity gap (whether it is a talent gap of skilled cybersecurity workers or a gap in the time between jobs in the military and the cyberworkforce), as well as to address the gender imbalance in the field.

The conference is specifically designed for researchers, educators and decision-makers from academia, government and industry, focusing on issues and practices for smoothing the reentry for women veterans into the workforce, specifically in cybersecurity careers. Women veterans are also encouraged to participate.

Sign up here to receive updates and alerts including opening of conference registration.The conference will be live-streamed and recorded. Stakeholders and attendees will receive the pre-Conference Briefing Book/Digital Notebook, the post-Conference Summary, and access to resources. 

Please visit the Center for Women in Engineering site for updated information.