CyberMED 2020: Cybersecurity Informed Consent - a New Paradigm

A CSPRI Multidisciplinary Initiative

September 09, 2020
CyberMED Summit


GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences

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The CyberMed Summit is a symposium focused on challenges in healthcare cybersecurity featuring notable voices in public policy, security research, healthcare delivery, and medical device manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on the clinical ramifications of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 

The Summit brings together stakeholder collaborators to discuss and devise solutions for these challenges, working through real-time clinical simulations of “hacked” medical devices and table-top exercises tackling how hospitals might react to major cyber crises. Speakers at past events have included FDA leadership, leading medical device security researchers, and IT teams of prestigious healthcare delivery organizations. See the symposium website for more details on prior events.

Derived from the Summit and organized by the same group, an invitational focused event, CyberMed Sessions at GW, will take place at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. The CyberMed Sessions will focus on the emerging concept of Cybersecurity Informed Consent - a key component of the ongoing conversation between clinicians, patients, medical device manufacturers, policymakers, and regulators. Attendees will participate in working groups and tabletop exercises.The event is immediately followed by another prominent event in the world of information security and privacy - the International Conference on Cyber Engagement (September 10-11) - and attendees are encouraged to attend both. 

If you are interested in attending, contact Jeff Tully, M.D. at [email protected]