Cybersecurity for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Duncan Woodbury, DTLLC - CSPRI Presentation

November 21, 2019
The presenter will provide an overview of threat and attack surfaces affecting past, present, and future connected and automated vehicles. The presenter will walk through a number of use cases for exploiting vehicle systems, and will provide a roadmap of automotive industry response to current and emerging automotive cybersecurity threats. An open discussion will follow concerning the role of academia, government and industry partners in developing and implementing technologies for securing the transportation sector. 

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Duncan Woodbury, Founder & CEO, DTLLC


Duncan Woodbury is an embedded systems security researcher specialized in hardware reverse engineering and advanced wireless testing. Duncan started on the Battelle CAVE team, where he performed on the first commercial contracts to reverse engineer commercial vehicles. Duncan developed the first tools for defending and autonomously exploiting commercial vehicle systems, and has presented and released open-source tools at DEF CON for exploiting connected and automated vehicles. Duncan is currently performing on DoT, DoD, and DoE funded projects to develop tailored capabilities for exploiting government and commercial transportation systems, where he leads the threat analysis and hardware exploitation work.