Lasting Relationships between Computer Scientists & Social Scientists

This workshop brought together social scientists, computer scientists, and others who have been leaders in projects that were done jointly by new collaborators, teams from social science and computer science over the last three years, funded by NSF under the SaTC “New Collaborations EAGER” program.  The end result of this project was a public written report that defines lessons learned from mixing the disciplines and suggestions for future efforts to encourage this cross-disciplinary collaboration.

This workshop:

  • Identified measures of success and challenges in doing these projects (e.g., institutional barriers for interdisciplinary collaboration, publication ease/barriers, ease/difficulty of attracting/retaining students)
  • Identified areas where further collaborations would be worthwhile
  • Identified barriers to submitting (and being funded by) traditional proposals/solicitations
  • Identified other significant observations not covered above

To read the workshop report, click here. To review workshop presentations, download the slides (PDF).


Project People:
Dr. Lance Hoffman
[email protected]