National Center of Academic Excellence - Research

The George Washington University is a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research, designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  CSPRI is the designated institution within GW to maintain this status and to answer inquiries related to it.

Cyber Security Scholarships

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The Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI) is a center for GW and the Washington area to promote technical research and policy analysis of issues that have a significant computer security and information assurance component. CSPRI's mission is to encourage, promote, facilitate, and execute interdisciplinary research in these areas, including the exploration of the norms, governance issues, and operating systems of cyberspace.

Outside of GW, CSPRI works with government and private organizations to study the impact of rapid technological change on business, government, and the infrastructure security issues caused by the convergence of data and organizations in a networked world. It carries out studies and hosts seminars that move stakeholders towards rational and informed discussion of critical changes in communication, commerce, education, government, science, and entertainment facilitated by the Internet, a global venue that has blurred traditional political and organizational boundaries, made time zones irrelevant, and erased language barriers.

Applications Open for Fall 2020!