Leveraging the Cloud to Automate Threat Detection, Hunting and Mitigation Using Frameworks like the NIST CSF and MITRE ATT&CK

Darren House, Amazon - CSPRI Presentation

February 20, 2020

The ability to deliver advanced cyber-attacks, once the domain of nation states, has been democratized and are now pervasive. Public and private sector organizations need to create a new approach to manage cyber risk. This discussion will highlight the value of the NIST Cyber Security Framework as a means of communicating risk definition and management internally and externally. It will describe the opportunities to incorporate knowledgebases like MITRE ATT&CK into a cyber strategy and the reasons why it matters. Lastly, it will discuss how the cloud changes the traditional asymmetrical nature of cyber warfare by improving detection times, and reducing dwell time and mitigation of advanced cyber-attacks using automation.

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Darren House, WWPS Specialty SA - Security, Amazon


Mr. House is a Sr. Security Specialty Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services who brings over 20 years’ experience building secure technology architectures and developing technical strategies to navigate the constant of change. He has held several roles including CTO, Director of Technology Solutions, Technologist, Principle Solutions Architect and a Senior Network Engineer for the USMC in Quantico, VA. Today, he is focused on enabling AWS customers to adopt cloud native security services and automations that increase visibility and reduce risk. When not with customers, he is focused on exploring AWS cloud native protect